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Be prepared in case of a medical emergency while traveling, with Good Sam TravelAssist.

Medical Assistance Benefits

Fully paid benefits, no out of pocket expenses
Emergency Medical Evacuation

Sometimes, the first healthcare facility you're taken to can't provide the quality of care that you need for your personal medical emergency.
Once you arrive at a healthcare facility, contact Good Sam TravelAssist, and if the first location isn't adequate, we'll arrange to have you medically evacuated to one that is… free of charge! Considering that an air ambulance service can cost from $10,000 - $50,000, how can you afford not to have this support?

Transportation to Home Area After Stabilization

If necessary while you're hospitalized at a medical facility for an unexpected injury or illness, we'll arrange your return to your primary residence or to another medical facility nearby.

Emergency Medical Monitoring

When an unexpected illness or injury occurs, it's reassuring to know that Good Sam TravelAssist will assign a medical expert to monitor your medical treatment, from beginning to end. Including locating your medical records and corresponding with your primary physician.

Return Home of Traveling Companion

Good Sam TravelAssist will arrange and pay for the return of your traveling companion should you be hospitalized due to a medical emergency and require a medical evacuation, or are transported home after your condition stabilizes.

RV/Vehicle Return

If you and your traveling companion aren't able to drive, Good Sam TravelAssist will send out a professional driver to get your vehicle home. Indeed, this is one of the most utilized benefits in the Good Sam TravelAssist program.

If you'd prefer, you can choose to have a friend or family member drive your vehicle home. In these cases, Good Sam TravelAssist will pay to bring them to your vehicle, reimburse for gas and tolls, as well as reimburse up to $100 per day for additional covered expenses.

Dispatch of a Medical Specialist

If Good Sam TravelAssist can't assess your condition over the phone and you cannot be transported due to your condition, we'll assist in dispatching a medical professional to supervise your care anywhere in the world.

Ground Ambulance Aid

You will be eligible to receive reimbursement up to $200 toward the cost of either initial emergency transportation by ambulance or transport by ambulance to a second hospital. While your primary insurance must first process the claim, you may submit for reimbursement up to $200 toward any additional money owed.

Transportation to Join a Hospitalized Member

In prolonged circumstances, there is no comfort like the presence of someone you know and count on. If you are alone and hospitalized for seven days or more, Good Sam Travel Assist will arrange and pay for a round trip ticket to bring whoever you want to your bedside from anywhere in the world.

Dependent Children Returned Home

If you experience an emergency while traveling with children or grandchildren and your medical emergency leaves them unattended, Good Sam TravelAssist will arrange and pay for their safe transportation home from anywhere in the world. You can count on us to take care of those who count on you.

Return of Deceased Remains

In the saddest turn of events, be assured that your body will be returned home without undue cost to your family. Additionally, Good Sam Travel Assist will arrange and pay for the return of your traveling companion.

Travel Assistance Benefits

Coordination only, member responsible for expenses
Emergency Cash Transfers & Medical Payments

Whether it's a denial of medical insurance, lost checks or credit cards or you simply don't have enough cash, Good Sam TravelAssist will provide unlimited advance medical payments. Eligibility for this benefit requires the member to guarantee reimbursement with a valid credit card.*

Medical Referrals

Looking for the nearest doctor, dentist, emergency room or attorney? Good Sam TravelAssist staff members are standing by to help you find whatever you need wherever you are. Driving across country? Call us prior to your trip and we can give you referrals along your entire journey.

Prescription Replacement Assistance

Whether your prescriptions, eyeglasses, contact lenses, or medical devices are forgotten or stolen, Good Sam Travel Assist will arrange for them to be replaced immediately. Any associated fees will the Member's responsibility at the time of service.

Pre-Trip Assistance

Preparing for a trip goes beyond packing the right clothes; depending on your destination, you may need to know the locations of consular services, potential health hazards, required documentation and weather conditions. Contact Good Sam TravelAssist before leaving and we'll give you all the information you need.

Pet Return Assistance

If you are unable to care for your pets due to a medical emergency, Good Sam TravelAssist will assist in arranging for their safe, secure transport home. Any associated fees will the Member's responsibility at the time of service.

Emergency Message Relay

When you're unable to get in touch with those back home in an emergency, Good Sam TravelAssist will facilitate communication to friends or family.

Lost Items Assistance

Should your luggage, passport or visas be lost or stolen, Good Sam TravelAssist with help either locate or replace them as soon as possible. Any associated fees will the Member's responsibility at the time of service.

Language Interpretation

Traveling internationally presents an array of potential challenges, which includes language barriers. Call the special phone number on the back of your TravelAssist ID card and our multilingual staff will do the talking for you. In the case of a medical emergency, it's especially important that you're on the same page with those providing assistance.

Personal Security

Whether traveling domestically or abroad, civil unrest, inclement weather and environmental concerns can weigh heavily on your mind. In some cases, they can be direct threats to your health! Good Sam TravelAssist can provide you up to date information and even arrange emergency evacuation assistance when needed. Any associated fees will the Member's responsibility at the time of service.

TravelAssist PREMIER
  Added Benefits...

Coverage For Family Members

In addition to coverage for you, your spouse, and dependent children, Good Sam TravelAssist Premier will cover your other family members when traveling with one of you. That includes adult children and their spouses, grandchildren, parents, and grandparents.

Transportation To Join Hospitalized Family Member

Good Sam TravelAssist will provide two tickets home if your family member who is not traveling with you will be hospitalized for three or more days or passes away while you are away from home.

Transportation Home due to Natural Disaster

If a natural disaster damages you or your traveling companion's home, Good Sam TravelAssist will pay for two economy-class tickets so you can get back home immediately.

Upgraded Seating With Nurse Escort or non-Medical Escort

If medically necessary when being transported home after hospitalization, Good Sam TravelAssist will pay for a nurse escort or a non-medical escort to accompany you, along with upgraded seating.

24/7 Nurse Help Line

If you have questions about symptoms or need advice about whether to see a doctor or seek emergency help, call our toll-free 24 hour Nurse Helpline – from home or on the road.

Emergency Pet Housing and Pet Return

If you are traveling with a pet when you get ill or injured and are expected to be hospitalized for 3 or more days, we will arrange and pay up to $600 for your pet to be boarded or up to $1,200 for its return home.

Evacuation from Home Hospital

If you are at home and you sustain an injury or become ill and adequate medical treatment is unavailable at your current facility, we will arrange and pay for a medical evacuation to a facility capable of providing appropriate medical treatment.

Get all the great medical and travel assistance benefits in our base plan, plus these great extras for just $0.38 cents a day

Good Sam TravelAssist is not medical insurance. While you will be supported with the aforementioned services, your regular health insurance will cover the costs of your medical care. To be eligible for these benefits, your trip must be for reasons other than medical and travel must be outside of your daily routine.

*This is only an outline of the plan's features. Please read your Plan Description carefully to understand all the services available to you, as well as any terms, conditions, and limitations.