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Medical Benefits

Family Benefits

Travel Benefits


Join TravelAssist today and receive valuable safeguards and save thousands of dollars when medical emergencies occur away from home.

How does it work?

In the event of a medical emergency, we’ll take care of you...

  • Get you to the care you need
  • Continually monitor your condition
  • Return you home or to a nearby hospital for your long term recovery
  • Deliver your RV/vehicle to your home
  • Bring a family member to your side if you are traveling alone

AND we’ll take care of your family...

  • Arrange for your spouse/traveling companion to be by your side
  • Return your spouse, children, and even pets home safely
  • Provide updates to your family and friends
  • Coordinate translation services, medical referrals, the transfer of medical records and insurance information, arrange trip adjustments, cash advances, and more.
  • And should the unthinkable occur, we’ll take care of getting deceased remains returned.

Travel with the security that only TravelAssist delivers. Start today

*Offer includes Automatic Renewal. Introductory rate available for new members only. Bonus Cash certificate (good at Camping World SuperCenters) will be mailed in membership kit and will arrive in 2-3 weeks after payment is processed.