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Blood Pressure Complications at Conference in Singapore…


David was scheduled to give an important presentation at a large industry conference in Singapore. While prepping for the event in his hotel room, he started to get dizzy. David had a history of high blood pressure and realized he had forgotten his medication at home. Because his presentation was later that afternoon, he didn't have time to go to a local clinic. Luckily, there was a doctor onsite at the conference.

The doctor immediately met with David to review his condition, take his blood pressure, and write him a prescription. The doctor then called TravelAssist's 24/7 Global Response Center so they could locate a nearby pharmacy. TravelAssist's Assistance Coordinators found a drugstore in close proximity to the conference center with an English-speaking pharmacist who was able to fill David’s prescription.

After getting his medication, David's blood pressure lowered, and his dizziness subsided. The onsite doctor cleared him to get back to business after one more check-up. Thanks to Good Sam TravelAssist David received the care he needed so he didn't have to leave the conference premises and miss his important presentation. David's presentation was a success, and he was able to spend the rest of his time at the conference networking and building his company's visibility.