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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who travels, whether they're in their RV or not.

Good Sam TravelAssist provides over 20 different types of valuable and affordable medical emergency and travel assistance services, including medical evacuation, emergency travel services, and return-home services. We also offer pre-trip details on foreign travel restrictions and document and inoculation requirements as well as translation services.

You will receive a Welcome Kit with your official Good Sam TravelAssist identification card and a Plan Description explaining all of the services available to you as well as any terms, conditions and limitations. You should keep your I.D. card in your wallet as it lists the toll-free hotline number. (You may want to program the number into your cell phone so it's ready at the push of a button should you need it)

Then, if you have an emergency, call 9-1-1 first and then call the Good Sam TravelAssist toll-free number and we'll take it from there.

Yes you are! Good Sam TravelAssist services travel with you, no matter where you go.

Good Sam TravelAssist's medical director will make the determination after reviewing medical reports and possible consultation with the treating physician.

This is determined on a case by case basis, depending on the location and the patient's specific condition. The member will only be moved to another hospital when care at the first hospital is not adequate or following this initial evacuation, when the patient is stable enough for transportation home in an Economy Class seat. Good Sam TravelAssist'’s medical director will make the determination after reviewing medical reports and possible consultation with the treating physician.

Good Sam TravelAssist is NOT medical insurance. It's a plan that covers emergency expenses that most health insurance plans NEVER pay. And if they do include it, usually there are numerous restrictions.

As long as the member pays for the family plan, he may enroll all family members who meet the definition of dependent: the MEMBER'S spouse (to include legally recognized domestic partner) unless they are legally separated; the MEMBER'S unmarried children from birth and under age 19; or under age 23, if enrolled as a full-time student in an accredited college, university, vocational, or technical school; and children whose support is required by a court decree. Children include natural children, stepchildren and legally adopted children. They must be primarily dependent on the MEMBER for support and maintenance and must live in a parent-child relationship with the MEMBER. Family coverage includes any and all legal dependents of the MEMBER at the time of service.

Under our family coverage option, if the whole family medically requires transportation from an inadequate to an adequate facility, this service will be covered.

No, if you or your traveling companion are unable to drive your RV or other vehicle home due to accident or illness, we'll pay a qualified and insured driver to drive it back to your home. Or, if you prefer, we will fly a family member or friend of your choice in economy class seating to the location of the vehicle and reimburse him/her for gas and tolls as well as up to $100 per day for incidental expenses related to the drive.

Yes, Good Sam TravelAssist will get you the latest details on the weather at your destination, consular services, inoculations, visas and travel advisories.

Regardless of your health background, you are guaranteed enrollment by Good Sam TravelAssist. Please review the Plan Description for details about traveling against the advice of a physician.

Important Notice: Good Sam Travel Assist is not responsible for costs or expenses arising from travel to a country for which a formal recommendation in the form of a Level 4 Advisory for International Travel from the U.S. State Department has been issued preceding your arrival into that country. We strongly urge all international travelers to continue to check for advisories in your destination country prior to departure at https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/before-you-go.html