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August 2016
Do This, Not That: 8 (Avoidable) Mistakes Travelers Make Overseas


Are you fairly new to the world of travel…but don’t want to blow your cover? Or, maybe you’ve put in some serious frequent flier miles, but you still find yourself repeating the same mistakes over (and over) again? No one is a perfect traveler, but with a little extra preparation we can all get a little better at it (and save time, money and sanity in the process) – read these 8 avoidable mistakes we see travelers make, along with some advice on what to do instead.

Summer Travel Round-Up: Our Best Advice for End-of-Season Trips


We hate to admit it, but summer is ending just as quickly as it arrived – but thankfully, it’s not over just yet! Last year, AAA Travel projected 33 million Americans would travel 50 miles or more from home over Labor Day weekend. With gas prices finally leveling off around the country, travel trends may be similar (or even better) this year. Since Labor Day weekend is quickly approaching, we’ve put together a round-up of our top summer travel posts to help you prepare for your end-of-the-season trips.

Travel Cheat Sheet of the Month: Common Medications That Cause Sun Sensitivity


Did you know that many medications can have negative effects on your skin when you’re exposed to ultraviolet light? This condition, also known as photosensitivity, can cause symptoms ranging from itchiness to an uncomfortable rash, burns and blisters. If fun in the sun is on your summer travel agenda, you won’t want to miss this list of common types of prescription and over-the-counter medications that can trigger photosensitivity.

Adventures in Packing: Preventing the Stress from Weighing You Down


Figuring out what to pack can be an adventure in itself. Figuring out how to pack is an art form. Get it right and you won’t be scrambling to find a toothbrush or washing socks in the hotel sink at 3am after realizing you forgot to pack extras. Get it wrong and you’ll catch yourself cursing the bewildering logic that forced you to iron in your hotel room at midnight. Even the most seasoned traveler can get weighed down with packing stress, but have no fear: we have some effective strategies for even the most bewildered packer.

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