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June 2016
Safety Tips for Your Next Hiking Trip


With the arrival of summer, it has a lot of outdoor enthusiasts ready for a hiking vacation. Whether you’re hiking international trails, or staying close to home, these tips will help you plan a safe and enjoyable hiking adventure.

Long Weekend Travel Tips: Staying Safe & Healthy


Summer is officially here – the time of year that brings perfect opportunities to plan a fun-filled long weekend with family or friends. Whether you’re planning a hiking excursion, camping adventure or leisurely lounge at the beach, it’s important to consider the following tips on staying safe and healthy during your long weekend away.

Beat the Heat: Advice for Safe & Healthy Summer Travels


Summer is in full swing and so are its soaring temperatures. If you’re planning on spending time outdoors during your summer travels, whether for a camping trip, beach getaway or hiking trip, it’s important to take the following precautions to keep you and your family safe and healthy.

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