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November 2015
Cold Weather Travel Guide: Tips for Safe and Healthy Winter Fun


Taking a trip to a winter wonderland? While traveling to a chilly destination can be just as fun and enjoyable as a warm weather trip, the truth is, it requires a little extra preparation (and a little extra patience for bad weather snafus!). Whether you’re planning a ski adventure in Colorado, a business trip in Beijing, or studying abroad in Paris, check out these practical tips for staying safe and healthy in cold weather this winter.

10 Travel Resolutions Worth Making…and Keeping!


According to researchers, 50% of the population makes resolutions each New Year. Without fail, the top resolutions are consistently related to weight loss, exercise, smoking cessation, and debt reduction. If you’ve noticed yours are the same old tasks and chores, why not consider adding some travel resolutions to your list?

Travel Checklist for Snowbirds


Heading south for the winter? You’re not alone! According to Forbes, more than one million seasonal retirees head to Florida alone, with plans to stay for at least five months. Before you soak up the sun, make sure you’re prepared. Lucky for you, we’ve put together this handy checklist to help you get ready for your big trip!

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