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September 2015
An Insider’s Guide to Fall Travel


The lazy days of summer have come and gone – along with the busy summer travel season. As temperatures drop and the kids go back to school, a variety of options open up for fall travelers. Before you pack up the car for a long weekend or embark on your next business trip, consider the following tips for safer, healthier and less hectic fall travel.

Senior Citizen Travel: A Guide to Healthier, Safer & Less Hectic Trips


For many, your golden years mean retirement and plenty of time for travel and exploration—in fact, some seniors might say that traveling is their fountain of youth! However, as seniors, you can have a different perspective on travel as well as your own set of health and safety considerations. Luckily, there are some things you can do to plan for a healthy, safe and less stressful trip—read on to learn more.

What to Try, Where: A Guide to Regional Cuisines


According to a recent study conducted by Mandala Research and sponsored by the World Food Travel Association, 30% of tourists deliberately choose destinations based on the availability of activities related to local food and drink.

Travel Cheat Sheet of the Month: Common Medications That Cause Sun Sensitivity


Did you know that many medications can have negative effects on your skin when you’re exposed to ultraviolet light? This condition, also known as photosensitivity, can cause symptoms ranging from itchiness to an uncomfortable rash, burns and blisters.

Summer Travel Round-Up: Our Best Advice for End-of-Season Trips

9/3/2015 – Jessica Bolduc

We hate to admit it, but summer is ending just as quickly as it arrived – but thankfully, it’s not over just yet! Last year, AAA Travel projected 33 million Americans would travel 50 miles or more from home over Labor Day weekend.

Adventures in Packing: Preventing the Stress from Weighing You Down

9/3/2015 – Christa Danisewicz

Figuring out what to pack can be an adventure in itself. Figuring out how to pack is an art form. Get it right and you won’t be scrambling to find a toothbrush or washing socks in the hotel sink at 3am after realizing you forgot to pack extras.

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