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Your Benefits in Action: Traveler Stranded at Airport Days Before Christmas


Whether you’re traveling for business, school, or pleasure, it’s safe to say that things don’t always go as planned. (Good thing you always remember to pack your TravelAssist card).

Hector* was in London meeting with an important client the week before Christmas. After a busy week, he was looking forward to heading home to Boston to spend some quality time with his family for the holidays. Once he arrived at Heathrow Airport, he learned that his direct flight to Logan Airport was cancelled due to a heavy snow storm in Boston. The inclement weather caused hundreds of flight delays and cancellations, leaving Hector stranded at the airport just three days before Christmas. Unable to find an available flight using his smartphone and facing long, slow-moving lines at the service counters, Hector worried he’d miss Christmas with his family. He turned to his travel assistance membership for help.

Hector remembered that he could call us collect, which was especially helpful in avoiding long distance phone charges while abroad. We contacted several major airlines on Hector’s behalf and, despite the lack of available seats on commercial flights that time of year, were able to arrange for him to be on the next available stand-by flight the following evening. TravelAssist coordinators also booked Hector a one-night stay in a nearby hotel so he wouldn’t have to spend the night in the crowded airport, and arranged for his transportation to the hotel.

After a good night’s rest, Hector was relieved when he learned he was moved to the passenger list from stand-by and that the flight was on schedule. He had a smooth flight back to Boston, where he arrived the morning of Christmas Eve. Thankfully, Hector received the gift he wanted most that year – time with his loved ones.

*Names have been changed to protect member privacy.